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Capital Markets Elite Group is not a registered U.S. broker-dealer. It does not accept a U.S. Person as a client if that person was solicited by Capital Markets Elite Group. (The definition of “U.S. Person” is here.) Capital Markets Elite Group will rely on a certification from a potential customer that the potential customer either is not a U.S. Person or has not been solicited, directly or indirectly, by Capital Markets Elite Group and has not been induced by Capital Markets Elite Group to engage in securities transactions. In particular, they must certify that they were directed to this website by someone other than Capital Markets Elite Group. They must also certify that they understand that they will not be protected by U.S. laws, regulations and supervisory structures applicable to broker-dealers registered in the U.S. and they do not expect such protections to apply. You should give these certifications only if they are true. If you wish to proceed to the website knowing that, please click “Continue” below. Otherwise click “Leave Website”

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    Capital Markets Elite Group provides you with a range of online trading and investment products. Learn more about us and our tools to help build your portfolio.

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    View Capital Markets Elite Group’s suite of easy-to-use, powerful and high-tech online stock trading platforms to see which fits your trading needs best.

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    Capital Markets Elite Group is an online brokerage and independent asset management firm that's customer-focused and results-driven. Let us know how we can further support you.

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Capital Markets Elite Group (Cayman ) Limited (“Capital Markets Elite Group” or “us”) is a securities broker-dealer registered with the  Cayman Islands Monetary Authority .  It is not registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or with any other federal or state authority in the U.S.  Capital Markets Elite Group does not knowingly solicit any U.S. Person to become a customer of Capital Markets Elite Group.


If you attempt to open an account with us and there are indicia that you are a U.S. Person, you will not be allowed to open an account unless you certify that you were referred to us prior to accessing our website or any of our social media or being solicited by us in any way.  If you are a U.S. Person and have been referred to Capital Markets Elite Group prior to your accessing any of our social media sites or otherwise being solicited by us, please feel free to learn more about us at our social media sites and at our website.  If you are a U.S. Person and you have not previously been referred to us, please do not utilize any of our social media sites and do not attempt to open an account with us.