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Capital Markets Elite Group is not a registered U.S. broker-dealer. It does not accept a U.S. Person as a client if that person was solicited by Capital Markets Elite Group. (The definition of “U.S. Person” is here.) Capital Markets Elite Group will rely on a certification from a potential customer that the potential customer either is not a U.S. Person or has not been solicited, directly or indirectly, by Capital Markets Elite Group and has not been induced by Capital Markets Elite Group to engage in securities transactions. In particular, they must certify that they were directed to this website by someone other than Capital Markets Elite Group. They must also certify that they understand that they will not be protected by U.S. laws, regulations and supervisory structures applicable to broker-dealers registered in the U.S. and they do not expect such protections to apply. You should give these certifications only if they are true. If you wish to proceed to the website knowing that, please click “Continue” below. Otherwise click “Leave Website”

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Capital Markets Elite Group's Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure

As a Capital Markets Elite Group client, we provide value with our top-notch technology and support, and competitive prices. Our accounts are based on how you plan to trade, whether frequent daily trades or a few trades each month. Products available may vary according to the account, check out what works for you.

Active account

Active accounts are designed with the active trader’s needs in mind. Capital Markets Elite Group’s Active Traders have access to powerful, low latency, direct access trading platforms with smart order routing technology, and world-class customer and client service departments. Unlock your full trading potential with our exclusive suite of trading tools and resources.

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Standard account

For the trader on the go who wants to engage with the markets while enjoying life. If you like the idea of buying and holding a position for somewhat longer periods of time, the Standard Account is for you. Perfect for buy and hold investors who want to trade anywhere and anytime with zero commissions.

Standard account

Enhanced account

Our offering of proprietary trading service, we know that professional and proprietary groups need more than the fastest technology and low clearing and execution costs—they need ready access to firm capital when the market becomes fertile for trading. Enhanced accounts offer additional proprietary leverage when it’s needed most. Your group must have the experience and certification to apply.

Enhanced account

Forex Account

The Forex Account was designed for the trader who is looking to speculate on the fast moving, 24 hour a day global currency markets. You benefit from MT5, a global powerhouse among FX trading platforms. It comes with access to an impressive marketplace of algorithmic and analytics plugins that can supercharge your trading. You also gain access to a basket of global Index CFDs, metals and oil. Take your trading to the next level with the Forex Account.

What you get

Whatever your investment strategy might be, Capital Markets Elite Group has an online brokerage account suited for you. Here are the differences between them.


No platform fees

Includes platform fees

Includes platform fees

No platform fee

Includes market data fees

Includes market data fees

Includes market data fees

No market data fees


Up to 4:1 leverage

Up to 6:1 leverage

Up to 10:1 leverage

Up to 200:1 leverage

No minimum required

Minimum initial deposit of $500

Execute lightning fast trades using hot keys/hot buttons

Trading robots, technical indicators and scripts

Smart routing technology for best executions

Execute lightning fast trades using hot keys/hot buttons

Access to multiple routes

Advanced order types and innovative charting

Access to multiple routes

Access to short locates to trade hard-to-borrow stocks

Access to short locates to trade hard-to-borrow stocks

Supported Products
Equities & ETFs
Trading Platforms
Sterling Trader Pro
DAS Trader Pro

All prices/fees displayed on this website are in US Dollars.

Commissions apply to all order types.

All rates and commissions are subject to quarterly review and are subject to change without notice.

Commissions do not include ECN/routing fees or regulatory trade fees.

Active Accounts include equity trading permissions on three (3) major US markets; all other products are add-on permissions and require additional market data subscriptions.

Disclaimer: We do not make Foreign Exchange and CFDs available to anyone located in the United States, any other “U.S. Persons” or anyone acting as a conduit for a U.S. Person.