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Forex and CFDs

Trade currencies 24 hours, 5 days a week on one of the world’s most liquid and volatile FX markets.

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The Foreign Exchange Market (Forex or FX) is where most currencies are traded. With over $6 trillion traded per day (according to BIS) it is highly volatile and one of the most liquid global financial markets.

The FX market is made up of a network of institutions which allows 24 hours a day, five days per week trading with the exception of market closures for holidays. There are various types of Forex transactions such as Spot, Forward, Future, Swap and Options which can be traded based on the investor’s strategy and outlook. Capital Markets Elite Group has partnered up with MT5, the world’s most innovative FX trading platforms to supercharge your FX trading.

Index CFDs

CFDs, or Contracts for Difference pay the difference between the open and close price of an underlying instrument as a cash-settlement. CFDs are used by traders to speculate whether the price of the asset will rise or fall and are a common product in FX trading. Capital Markets Elite Group offers access to a basket of global Index CFDs, metals and oil as well as currency pairs. Please note that Capital Markets Elite Group does not allow access to FX or CFD trading to U.S. citizens.

Benefits of Forex or FX trading
  • Capital investment — small deposit required to start trading
  • Leverage — in the FX markets traders are often offered up to 100x leverage and sometimes higher, subject to risk and compliance approval. This means traders can gain exposure to large amounts of currency without having to pay the full value of their trade upfront.
  • 24 hours, 5 days a week— due to its global network the FX market allows for around the clock trading, 5 days a week. So, no matter if you’re an early riser or late night owl, the Forex market will be open when it suits you.
Why choose us to trade FX?
Advanced algorithmic platform

Our advanced MT5 platform with a vast marketplace of algorithmic and analytics plugins means you get the most innovative FX trading platform out there.

Fast, reliable and great customer support

Trade confidently knowing that your trade data is secure. Our customer service team is there for you and we maintain a robust infrastructure that has been designed for traders.

Transparent competitive pricing

We offer per terminal pricing and market data based on your specific needs. Everything you need to know, no hidden costs.

Benefit from more than just Forex

With your FX account you will have access to a basket of global Index CFDs, metals and oil as well as currency pairs. We give you added range so you can make the most of your trading portfolio.

Our trading platforms

Power up your Forex trading with one of the most innovative FX trading platforms. Capital Markets Elite Group has carefully selected MT5 as the platform of choice for FX trading.


MT5 is a powerful FX trading platform with access to a large marketplace of algorithmic and analytics plugins that can supercharge your Forex trading in a matter of minutes.

MetaTrader market

MT5's secure market gives you access to a huge number of trading robots, technical indicators and scripts. This means algorithmic trading that suits your trading strategy is just a few clicks away.

Advanced order types
Advanced order types

Advanced order types and innovative charting allows you to plan multiple entry and exit points.

Netting, hedging or going mobile?
Netting, hedging or going mobile?

MT5 supports both order accounting systems: netting and hedging options. You will be spoiled for choice with four order execution modes and all types of trade orders. MT5 is also available on iOS, Android and through a web browser. Use whatever device works best for you.


Explore our rates, account costs and other fees. There are no hidden costs!


Overnight Financing Policy

When you’re placing an FX or CFD trade, you’re using leverage. This means you are being lent money required to open the position.

You will be charged interest if you are holding a position past a daily cut off time of 5pm EST. If you close your position on the same day before the cut-off time, you will not be charged.



The overnight financing fee is made up of an admin fee in addition to, or minus, the relevant interbank rate for the currency in which your trade is made. The interbank rate is the interest rate charged between banks for overnight loans.

Forex and spot metals


For Forex and spot metals deals, we charge the tom-next rate plus a small admin fee.


Tom-next is an industry-standard rate and is short for 'tomorrow-next day’. This rate is used by Forex speculators to keep Forex positions open overnight without physical delivery of a currency.


The overnight financing rates are displayed on our trading platform.

Disclaimer: We do not make Foreign Exchange and CFDs available to anyone located in the United States, any other “U.S. Persons” or anyone acting as a conduit for a U.S. Person.