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Futures Trading at its Finest

At Capital Markets Elite Group we provide global access to a wide range of asset classes, which includes, but not limited to, commodities, currencies, precious metals, stocks, energy and agriculture. With access to futures through Capital Markets Elite Group, you can mitigate risk and access important information in order to grow your portfolio.

Trade futures through our advanced trading platform, the Traders Elite Terminal and take advantage of the markets in real time.

Access other asset classes from one account with our Traders Elite Terminal. Take advantage of our volume-based pricing to receive lower commissions. In other words, the more you trade, the lower your commissions would be. Use your equity positions or other asset classes as collateral on your future trades.

Why Trade Futures with Capital Markets Elite Group?
Advanced Trading Platform and Tools

Take advantage of Trader Workstation's real-time technical, fundamental and price/risk analysis tools.

Multi-Asset Platform

Our platform allows you to trade stocks, bonds, ETFs, currencies, futures and much more from one account.

Secure and Efficiency

The Traders Elite Terminal is one of the most secure trading platforms in the industry. Access your account with ease with our state-of-the-art trading platform and trade the markets with one of the most robust and efficient platforms out there!

Global Access

With Capital Markets Elite Group, you have access to a wide variety of futures on the global financial markets. Make the most of your trading by having a wide variety of asset classes and products that allow you to trade based on your investment strategies.

Additional Features

Index Arbitrage Meter, which shows you the extent of the premium (or discount) of the lead month futures price above (or below) its fair future value with respect to the index price.

Access SpreadTrader through our TET platform, which lets you easily create combo orders and spreads from among 18 predefined strategies, or create your own leg-by-leg positions.

Access ComboTrader through our TET, which lets you create unique combination orders manually leg by leg, or create complex combination orders using named strategy templates.

Pricing and Conditions

Take advantage of our low commissions by trading in volumes. The more you trade, the lower your commissions would be. Don't let pricing diminish your profits!

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Commissions as low as 1.70 USD

When it comes to pricing, we give our clients the best rates. Trading futures through our Traders Elite Terminal (TET) with real-time quotes makes life as a trader a lot easier. Focus on what matters and not on commissions with our volume-based pricing structure.

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