Equity Commissions

Country Per Ticket Rate
(0-1000 shares per order)
Per Share Rate
(> 1000 shares per order)
Monthly Volume
North America $3.95 $0.007 up to 350,000 shares
  $2.95 $0.005 350,001 – 1,000,000 shares
  $1.95 $0.0035 over 1,000,000 shares

* Commissions apply to all order types.
* Commissions do not include routing fees or regulatory fees
* If the tier monthly volume is met in the current month, the account will start the next tier on the first trading day of the new calendar month. If the monthly volume is not maintained within the month, the account will revert to the previous tier from the first trading day of the following month.
* Active Account rates are applicable only to Active Accounts on the Traders Elite Pro platforms.
* All rates and commissions are subject quarterly review and are subject to change without notice
* Active Accounts include equity trading permissions only; all other instruments are add-on permissions and required additional market data subscriptions