Fund Management Account Pricing

With Capital Markets Elite Group's pricing plan we guarantee low cost and high value

At Capital Markets Elite Group we pride ourselves on our attractive pricing structure. Our prices are competitive and are designed to ensure that our clients get the most value for their money. There are no hidden fees; in fact our prices become even more attractive as your trading activity increases. Our comprehensive pricing plan includes our Advisory Services which features; Stock Recommendations, Analysts on Demand and the Capital Markets Elite Group Live Trading Room.

As a Capital Markets Elite Group client, with our top-notch technology and support services, advisory services and competitive prices, we give you value beyond measure.

A range of portfolios for every investor

Asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing are all part of a goal-oriented investment strategy built on time-tested economic concepts. That's the thinking behind Capital Markets Elite Group Managed Portfolios. It's a smarter approach to investing called Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and it influences the approach we take to investment selection.

Whether you want to save for retirement, generate additional streams of income, or manage risk, there's a Capital Markets Elite Group Managed Portfolios model for you. See the quarterly performance of Selective Portfolios.

Simple, transparent and cost effective
Service Fee 2.5% per annum
Trading Commissions X
Entry Fees X
Exit Fees X
Custody Fees X
Conversion Fee 0,2% (for non-Euro denominated positions)
Other Capital Markets Elite Group Fees X


The Service Fee is deducted monthly on a pro rata basis, and the minimum investment is USD 5000.

See how the annual service fee calculated.

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Capital Markets Elite Group Managed Portfolio Types

Core Portfolios

Diversified portfolios made up of mutual funds or ETFs. Holdings span a broad range of investment styles, sectors, market caps, and regions.

Conservative Portfolio

Weighted toward fixed income with limited exposure to equities to help manage volatility. Ideal for help supplementing retirement or other income needs.

Moderate Portfolio

Designed to produce moderate and consistent returns with lower volatility over time, plus limited exposure to interest rate or equity market risks.

Aggressive Portfolio

Recommended for investors seeking a highly tactical investment approach that leverages opportunities in changing market conditions.